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Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd (FTE) is a full-service entertainment production and design house based in Sydney Australia
Specialising in boutique Audio, Lighting and Video solutions,
focused on delivering the best-in-class production for festivals,
nightclubs, live shows, corporate events and high-end, no compromise venue installations.


The Full Throttle Entertainment blog contains case studies and event reports along with educational material relating to audio, lighting and visual production.


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Muso Article by Greg Phillips

adam ward

Full Throttle Entertainment Director Adam Ward has toured with legends such as Tony Bennett and Frankie Valli and experienced everything in the sound game from production management to tour management to front of house engineering and PA design. He worked in America for 14 years in both LA and Vegas. He knows PA and has seen the DJ market grow extensively worldwide. Ward specialises in the design of sound systems for venues, but how does one design a PA system?

“You’ll get a client come to you and they will have an idea,” explained Ward. “Are they doing rock bands or DJs? What’s the space mean to do?” Once you get the design brief, you sit down and look at the space, work with architects and come up with what is best suited to the space.“

We specialise in hi-end DJs like Tiesto and Armand Van Buuren people like that. We specialise in clubs that they would play in. With a lot of the Vegas clubs, money is no option, they would come in and say we don’t care what it costs just build it. We really got to push the envelope.

For someone used to the magnitude of the Euro dance festivals and the elaborate clubs there and in America, Adam is disappointed that Australian club owners haven’t approached their venues with the same adventurous spirit as their overseas counterparts. "Sound systems are such an auditory and visceral experience. It really needs to be where you spend a lot of your money, most of them here don’t realise that,” said Adam. Good sound creates an environment that is comfortable and an environment that you want to be in. If the sound system is painful, too loud or horrible sounding you will actually drive people out of your venue and this obviously effects your bottom line. This is obvious yet many club owners simply just don’t get it.“

Full Throttle works closely with the Australian distributor of Funktion One sound systems, which Ward believes are currently the best in the world. "There are a lot of clubs in Ibiza using Funktion One which is the club Mecca. There area lot of clubs in Vegas, New York, and Miami that are sporting Funktion One. They are the epitome night club system. Funktion One really owns the electronic music market. Beatport just did a vote of the ten best sound systems in America and I think five out of the ten have Funktion One systems.”

Ward has seen a lot in the club world. One of his most memorable experiences was working a club in Vegas when Prince called up and decided he’d like to play a weekend of intimate shows. The venue was also booked for Tiesto, who at the time was the number one DJ in the world. Prince was contracted to finish at a certain time to allow for PA swap over for Tiesto. prince decided on his second night to play two hour
over time, leaving a 3,000 strong Tiesto crowd waiting outside. “they were seething and ready to burst out of their skin. This wave of energy came over the venue as these kids rolled in. The DJ dropped the first track and the place went instantly into mayhem. It didn’t finish until about 11 o'clock the next day.”

With his company and the Funktion One brand, Adam Ward is on a mission. “I believe in sound. It is a passion for me not just a job. What I want to do with Sydney and Australia is introduce people to that really high end audio that I experienced overseas and show people what you can do with sound.”

Entertainment in Australia is On A High This Summer with Full Throttle Entertainment Delivering The Goods

adam ward

What an awesome weekend of entertainment for Australia! With shattering sound systems Full Throttle Entertainment led the way for Sydney, providing a gripping production for the sets of CALVIN HARRIS and PORTER ROBINSON at Marquee Sydney.

Over two huge nights (Nov 23rd & 24th), the events opened the official after party for one of Australia’s largest music festivals - STEREOSONIC.

Marquee Sydney lifted the bar for Australian entertainment once again, presenting shows for 4 of Stereosonic’s Headliners. Closing the epic after party for Australia will be SANDER VAN DOORN and CHUCKIE - straight through killer sound systems!

Sydney, Australia Nov 23

All the way from the UK to Australia with his recently UK number 1 album “18 months” Calvin Harris charged the dance floor with his insatiable electronic anthems! Australia welcomed to Sydney, a talent that has worked with an impressive range of world class acts; from Rihanna to Dizzee Rascal, to our very own Kylie Minogue.

Sydney, Australia Nov 24

Well known for his number one singles; “Say My Name” + “Language” …Porter Robinson was a talent not to be missed. He provided the perfect official after party set for Stereosonic, keeping the party going well into the next day!

Sydney, Australia Nov 28

Since the release of “Loaded” back in 2004, Sander Van Doorn has been a strong influence in the electronic dance circuit. He arrives in Australia with two full length albums under his belt, ready to entertain us with his hypnotic Dutch Trance music and Progressive House. 

Sydney, Australia Nov 30

A big player in dance and urban music across Europe, The U.S., South America and beyond, Chuckie is well known for his explosive beats, surprise FXs and adulated climaxes. After winning MOBO awards in both 2004 and 2005, in 2011 Chuckie went on to a residency at PACHA’s Subliminal Nights and his own BBC Radio 1 Show, “In New DJs we Trust”. The TMF awarded “Best Dance DJ” is a force to be reckoned with, and a great way to end Marquee Sydney’s epic Stereosonic After Party!

Using an ammo of quality sound systems and with expert entertainment experience up their sleeves, Full Throttle Entertainment is bringing the show straight to Australia for 4 unforgettable nights of eargasm goodness!!

Why We Choose Funktion One

adam ward

Since the tender beginnings of his career in 1989, Full Throttle Entertainment Director, Adam Ward has worked with almost every sound system in the world. Whilst working for Glen Hatch at Audio West he got up close and personal with EAW and Meyer sound systems. Hatch’s clients - from Tony Bennet to Frankie Valley to Amy Grant - enjoyed these systems. Adam has also worked for Jon Hanour in Orange County California and Sound Investment in Chicago, amongst others. Over these years, he has done custom speaker designs using JBL and TAD drivers, and worked with L'acoustics V'dosc and Dvdosc, as well as D&B. 

All of these sound systems have their place, however Ward’s favourite, and his choice for Full Throttle Entertainment is Funktion One

According to Adam Ward, “Funktion One is like an F1 race car”. The sound is very organic and open, while effortlessly producing high SPL. Funktion One has the ability to produce studio quality, at high volumes. With these systems, you don’t need to push the EQ, instead you get good sound straight away. The loudspeakers are coupled with XTA processing and MC2 amplifiers. Tony Andrews’ dedication to providing highly efficient distortion free sound is realised throughout the process. 

In Ward’s extensive experience, when people hear Funktion One sound they are immediately converted with a “this is the best sound I’ve ever heard” response. Most clients can’t believe they have gone so long listening to sound through systems without such superior performance and quality. 

In Australia, Ward with Full Throttle Entertainment currently own one of the newest and largest Funktion One systems. Ward has had more experience with Funktion One than most. He has played a prominent role in the installation of Funktion One in American nightclubs. Ward, along with Full Throttle are extremely excited to represent the Funktion One brand in Australia - believing that it will be the best sound product available for music and entertainment across the country!

This, is why we choose Funktion One for Full Throttle Entertainment.