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Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd (FTE) is a full-service entertainment production and design house based in Sydney Australia
Specialising in boutique Audio, Lighting and Video solutions,
focused on delivering the best-in-class production for festivals,
nightclubs, live shows, corporate events and high-end, no compromise venue installations.


The Full Throttle Entertainment blog contains case studies and event reports along with educational material relating to audio, lighting and visual production.


After Hours Event

adam ward

Full Throttle are geared up for a weekly event launching this Sunday Nov 18th. ‘Afterhours’ will deliver a late night dose of underground techno.   The team at Secret Society are passionate that they love good quality sound, that music is their 1st policy, and that this is why they choose Funktion One. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be giving them, week after week. Full Throttle will be shaking the dancefloor with a special Funktion One set-up, designed especially for the event!
Full Throttle are geared up for a weekly event launching this Sunday Nov 18th. ‘Afterhours’ will deliver a late night dose of underground techno.

The team at Secret Society are passionate that they love good quality sound, that music is their 1st policy, and that this is why they choose Funktion One. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be giving them, week after week. Full Throttle will be shaking the dancefloor with a special Funktion One set-up, designed especially for the event!

Roger Waters on "Tools vs Skill"

adam ward

It’s like saying ‘Give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton,’ you know. It’s not true. And give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer, and he doesn’t become whoever, you know. He doesn’t become us.

Roger Waters shuts it down. Similarly, a killer sound system isn’t much without a killer sound company who knows that they’re doing! 

Pink Floyd legend, Roger Waters

Sound & Lighting Sydney, Australia

adam ward

Full Throttle Entertainment is built on the premise that everyone deserves access to quality. Sound equipment plays an integral part in the production of the music, connection with the music, and experience of the music. Interaction is further enhanced by innovative visual presentation. Choosing the right sound systems is influential to the popularity and success of any vendor, small or large. Too many venues and events receive complaints from fans and artists alike, and a bad reputation can be hard to shake. Noone wants to sound bad, as much as none wants to listen to bad sound. Noone wants to look bad either.

However, it is not as simple as just picking a rad system and plugging it in. A superior auditory experience comes about through good sound design, install and production. What you need is an experienced, master sound engineer or sound company. The design and layout of the sound, lighting and video equipment is as important to the overall production as is the different intricate abilities of each sound system brand. In Sydney, there are sound systems available to do a number of things. The sound equipment in Australia is increasingly proficient, as are the sound companies existent to execute your masterpiece. 

We can look to places like America and the UK to witness the success of maven festivals, concerts and parties. Full Throttle have spent the past twenty years playing with various brands, and come to realise that each one has its place. However, our strong dedication to quality has rested ears on the distortion-free abilities of Funktion One. Funktion One is perfect for large in or outdoor arenas, festivals, and smaller nightclub/entertainment venues - to produce massive powerful sound, crystal clear, without hurting the ears. Hence, Full Throttle now represents the UK brand in Australia, from our Sydney headquarters. Full Throttle believe that everyone deserves to hear not bad, but good sound - for the abilities that good sound allows, on the levels of connectivity, expression, human consciousness, intense enjoyment, ratification, and enjoyment.

Full Throttle urge you to choose the right sound and lighting equipment as well as company, for your event or venue. Every vendor, every artist, and every fan deserves access to superior quality.  

Funktion One gets busy in Sydney, thanks to Full Throttle Entertainment

adam ward

Full Throttle Entertainment are straight back to work after a jam packed sound weekend! Friday 12, Full Throttle brought quality audio visual design to the beats of Steve Aoki at Marquee Sydney. Full Throttle’s inspiring Funktion One install and production provided the perfect backdrop to Norti Events and Secret Society’s party at THE ROOF TOP, Coogee Bay the following day. 

November is shaping up to be an even wilder trip for Full Throttle of Funktion One sound in Sydney and across Australia. Festivals, warehouse gigs and boat parties are taking heat, with many noteworthy international and national artists celebrating their sound through what these superior systems have to offer. 

Full Throttle is ecstatic to be at the frontline of Australian entertainment, with the high power and high quality sound systems of Funktion One. 

Moet White Party

adam ward


Great news for Funktion One in Australia! Full Throttle Entertainment is set to bring Funktion One sound to prosperous events throughout the country. On Oct 7, Full Throttle provided a highly-effective Funktion One design for The Moet White Party in Sydney. It was just what the event needed, accompanied by soothing Sunday afternoon beats by DJ Johnny Gleeson. November is shaping up to be a busy month for Funktion One in Australia, with Full Throttle working with many more exciting music projects. More news about these events on its way.

Why We Choose Funktion One

adam ward

Since the tender beginnings of his career in 1989, Full Throttle Entertainment Director, Adam Ward has worked with almost every sound system in the world. Whilst working for Glen Hatch at Audio West he got up close and personal with EAW and Meyer sound systems. Hatch’s clients - from Tony Bennet to Frankie Valley to Amy Grant - enjoyed these systems. Adam has also worked for Jon Hanour in Orange County California and Sound Investment in Chicago, amongst others. Over these years, he has done custom speaker designs using JBL and TAD drivers, and worked with L'acoustics V'dosc and Dvdosc, as well as D&B. 

All of these sound systems have their place, however Ward’s favourite, and his choice for Full Throttle Entertainment is Funktion One

According to Adam Ward, “Funktion One is like an F1 race car”. The sound is very organic and open, while effortlessly producing high SPL. Funktion One has the ability to produce studio quality, at high volumes. With these systems, you don’t need to push the EQ, instead you get good sound straight away. The loudspeakers are coupled with XTA processing and MC2 amplifiers. Tony Andrews’ dedication to providing highly efficient distortion free sound is realised throughout the process. 

In Ward’s extensive experience, when people hear Funktion One sound they are immediately converted with a “this is the best sound I’ve ever heard” response. Most clients can’t believe they have gone so long listening to sound through systems without such superior performance and quality. 

In Australia, Ward with Full Throttle Entertainment currently own one of the newest and largest Funktion One systems. Ward has had more experience with Funktion One than most. He has played a prominent role in the installation of Funktion One in American nightclubs. Ward, along with Full Throttle are extremely excited to represent the Funktion One brand in Australia - believing that it will be the best sound product available for music and entertainment across the country!

This, is why we choose Funktion One for Full Throttle Entertainment. 

The DJ

adam ward


The term DJ traditionally stands for “Disc Jokey”. However, I quite like the Jamaican meaning for “Deejay” - a person who verbalises with music - as that is essentially what a DJ does. They communicate music, through their collaboration and presentation of different tracks and styles. 

I’m sure DJs who understand the craft, sneer at the act of audience ‘requests’ that treats them like IPODs or jukeboxes. However, requests are a simple part of DJing, for all players, perhaps because the social understanding of DJing is ill-equipped. 

Some strongly argue that DJs should be called artists along with musicians, composers, painters, and photographers. The argument here, is that DJs use their skills and preferred medium (vinyl, compact discs, computer media files..etc.) to bring about emotions in people. Artists are so, because they do this by capturing a unique item or moment in time, and then make it available for people to experience. 

The 'mixing’ element of DJing is arguably a mechanical process, which involves a simple switch of the audio mixer’s cross fader. On the other hand, the fundamental element - song selection - is more complex. DJs create a mixset by picking a number of songs which will not only fit together, but take the listener on a musical journey. The song selection conjures emotion and behaviour through different styles, keys, tonalities, and tempos. A live DJ uses their interaction with the audience, to feed them the most desired journey. Essentially, a DJ is like a music filter. In this sense, the DJ is most like a photographer - purposefully selecting random pieces of life with a particular goal, and presenting them in a piece. 

In a further artistic sense, the DJ manipulates expressive functions such as delay, reverb octave, equaliser, and subharmonic synth effect. And of course, turntablism possesses its own expressive control in cutting, beat juggling, scratching, needle drops, phase shifting, and back spinning. However, it can be argued that the turntable is used more as a musical instrument than a tool for blending recorded music. 

What is obvious, is that DJing relies heavily on innovation and technology. Beatmatching, harmonic mixing, and phrasing techniques, are two examples of the role technological advancements play in the DJing craft. 

Secondly, I think it should be argued that the artistry of any DJ, musician or photographer alike lays in their ability to attain creativity, not simply effectuate the act itself.

In fact, non-amateur DJing requires hard work, finding and understanding your true audience, practising your skills, and developing creativity. The creative DJ is useful or solves problems; is innovative or generates other ideas or things; or influences the way people think, look at, do, or listen to music and entertainment. Across the board, there is factor in common; the most prominent successful and popular DJs are passionate - they perform their art with passion and conviction. 

Welcome to Full Throttle Entertainment!

adam ward

We are extremely excited to release our high octane innovations on the music and entertainment of our home, Australia - after twenty years working across Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Today marks the beginning of a long journey into music festivals, nightclubs, live venues, underground parties, boat parties, and loads more! We will share tales about artists, behind the scenes and new events, as well as current AV technology and Funktion One industry news and information. 

Full Throttle are currently working at The Marquee nightclub, Sydney amongst other projects. 

We would love to connect with people who are passionate about music and entertainment, and whom acknowledge the integral part sound systems play in the quality and intelligible deliverance of artists’ craft and listeners’ experience. 

Welcome aboard the Full Throttle journey…