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Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd (FTE) is a full-service entertainment production and design house based in Sydney Australia
Specialising in boutique Audio, Lighting and Video solutions,
focused on delivering the best-in-class production for festivals,
nightclubs, live shows, corporate events and high-end, no compromise venue installations.

Full Throttle Entertainment

Funktion One in Australia

adam ward

As we all know, The Mercat has recently been installed with Funktion One force, and has since boasted rave reviews. The Melbourne bar and nightclub is over the moon to take Funktion One on board! 

- John O'Donnell and Simon Bell (Funktion One Australia) are very fortunate to have Adam Ward (Full Throttle Entertainment) now operating in Australia, given Ward’s extensive experience with Funktion One overseas. Funktion One is in great hands, and ready to invigorate the industry!

Previous to Full Throttle’s launch in Australia, other companies have situated Funktion One in (amongst others) Nevermind, Manchester Lane, The National Theatre, and Sydney Town Hall, as well as at Earthdance and Rainbow Serpent Festival.

The inventory is set to radically magnify! Full Throttle are embarking on what is shaping up to be a massive Summer season. Ward and his zealous team are super excited to bring expert Funktion One design and production to prominent Australian festivals, venues and parties!

Full Throttle currently house one of the newest and largest Funktion One systems available in the country, and new orders are on already on their way. The warehouse walls are starting to look panicked! 

Many people are familiar with Funktion One’s phenomenal success in the electronic dance music market. However, Funktion One is the best sound system for ALL music, and quality sound and equipment should be a cardinal rule for live music venues. Full Throttle want to plug all live music and electronic dance venues and events into Funktion One power! 

All we can say is, Funktion One in Australia is about to majorly turn up the volume!!