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Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd (FTE) is a full-service entertainment production and design house based in Sydney Australia
Specialising in boutique Audio, Lighting and Video solutions,
focused on delivering the best-in-class production for festivals,
nightclubs, live shows, corporate events and high-end, no compromise venue installations.

2014/2013 Rainbow Serpent


Rainbow Serpent 2014 - FTE set up- Market Stage

Rainbow Serpent 2014 - FTE set up- Market Stage

For the last 16 years Rainbow Serpent has been held in Lexton, Victoria.  The festival sees a larger attendance each year, 2014  had 17,000 visitors from all over the world!

In the events own words;  "No longer just an electronic music festival these days you can expect to experience a unique combination of music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation and healing." Rainbow SerpentAbout Us,

Prior to Rainbow Serpent 2013, We had been in talks with Nick Morse of PMLS, Tasmania about the purchase of his Funktion-One sound system.  After our meeting and the inspection of the system down in Tasmania, Nick was kind enough to invite us to work with him at the market stage for the upcoming Rainbow Serpent Festival which we gladly accepted. Part of the collaboration saw us bring home the entire system which was the icing on the cake!

It was a great experience working with Nick and his team at PMLS as we were able to hear the system in action. The system comprised of 10 Res 5's & 5 Res 4D's per side with an array of 16 F218's across the entire stage. A pair of Res 2's provided some infill for those who liked to get wiggly down at the front. On stage, performers enjoyed more Funktion-One with Res 2's on R18's. 

As for the festival, it rocked! There must have been 7-8,000 people at one point dancing like the world was going to end! The vibe and all around quality production has earned the festival the reputation as "the best festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere". Therefore, its only fitting that we brought the biggest Funktion-One sound system in the southern hemisphere for 2014 which we did and more.

For 2014 we supplied a huge set up..

12 F218's where stacked 6 high with 10 Res5's and 5 Res 4D down fill were flown from towers on each side with 2 Res 2's for infill on stage, this configuration sounded incredible and the sound coverage around the 8,000+ people sized dance floor was perfect! 

We also debuted our new Funktion One PSM318 Dj monitors designed in conjunction with Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin, these montiors are being hailed as the best around by every major headline Dj to perform at Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Maitreya and reading into press from Funktion One, also throughout the world! so we are very happy to have them in stock and also hold the only pair currently in Australia.

Rainbow serpent 2014 was our biggest event to date and certainly our highlight from the summer, since the festival we have had endless feedback saying the sound system on the market sage was the best its ever been and even the Djs saying they haven't performed on anything like it before, so we have again been confirmed for 2015 to do the sound on the market stage and possibly more, all of us at FTE can not wait for Rainbow Serpent 2015 and are delighted to be once again be involved!

FTE crew admiring their work.

FTE crew admiring their work.