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PO Box 122
Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208

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Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd (FTE) is a full-service entertainment production and design house based in Sydney Australia
Specialising in boutique Audio, Lighting and Video solutions,
focused on delivering the best-in-class production for festivals,
nightclubs, live shows, corporate events and high-end, no compromise venue installations.


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The Resolution 2 is an entirely horn loaded, surprisingly compact, full range loudspeaker enclosure. The driver complement comprises a 15” for bass, an 8” for midrange and a 1” for high frequencies. Funktion One’s waveguide and driver technology produces clear, involving and powerful sound. The R2’s unique combination of size, high efficiency and sonic excellence make it ideally suited to a wide range of uses. This loudspeaker resolves the requirement for quality, response and level from a small source.

Resolution 2 systems can be supplemented with additional Funktion One bass including Infrabass, F218s and F121s. A slightly larger horizontal version (R2U) is available for installation in venues with low ceiling heights.


The R2S8 has been specifically developed for high quality speech reinforcement applications. It uses Funktion-One’s advanced cone mid range technology to produce clear and intelligible sound throughout the vocal band without the harshness usually associated with speech loudspeakers. The efficient wide-bandwidth 8” x 1.5" driver operates from 250Hz to 8kHz without the need for a separate compression driver. No corrective equalisation is required and the resulting sound feels perceptibly close to the listener so that messages and announcements sound natural rather than aggressive.

This R2S8 loudspeaker is highly durable and weather resistant and is supplied complete with a stainless steel yoke bracket and mesh grill.


The R2SH skeletal loudspeaker is the mid-high section of a Resolution 2 producing high output for its compact size. Operating upwards from 250Hz it can either be used in conjunction with Funktion One bass enclosures like the F118 or F215 as a main system in its own right, or used effectively as in-fill or delays in larger systems.